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Home Selling Tips

Tip# 288
Fresh-Baked Cookies and Other Ways to Relax the Subconscious
Many staging ideas are used for showings, such as leaving fresh-baked cookies on the kitchen counter, or lighting fragranced candles in bedrooms and baths, and there are many other ideas that can be productive, too.  The idea is to make the buyer feel, remember something good from their childhood, and get the urge to make your home their home.
  • Turn on all lights (high-wattage bulbs where possible) even for daytime showings.
  • Open drapes, shutters, and blinds to let in light.
  • Put on some relaxing music.
  • Get rid of stale odors by opening windows, putting boxes of baking soda in the refrigerator, and put real charcoal in areas that absorb smells such as garages and kitchens.  Be careful of perfumes, potpourri, wall-plug scents, or other masking products that could offend people with allergies.
  • Clean fireplaces thoroughly and place candles on the grate.
  • Keep countertops and table tops as clutter free as possible, including putting away small appliances, knickknacks, and collectibles.
  • Put away family photos and other personal memorabilia.
  • Remove prescription drugs before all showings.
  • Put valuables such as fine jewelry, important papers, and other small items in a safe-deposit box.
  • For unscheduled showings, do a five minute pickup around the house before you leave every morning.  Make sure all family members make their beds and have their rooms tidy.  Put dirty clothes into the hamper.  Don’t let dishes accumulate in the sink.
Keep in mind that staging is a great way to enhance the market appeal of your home, but stay realistic.  You’re not going to turn a cottage into a mansion by moving a love seat into a small living room and removing an overstuffed sofa.  You are, however, showing the buyer how to make the most out of the home’s size, features, and style.  And who knows?  The buyer may like what you’ve done so much, they may ask you to throw in the loveseat when they make their offer!
The National Association of REALTORS and Blanche Evans.  Guide To Home Selling.  Hoboken, New Jersey.  2007.  73-74.

Tip #152
Price it right the first time.  Pricing your home to sell is one of your agent’s greatest areas of expertise and an important reason why sellers benefit from professional assistance.  The closer your asking price is to market value, the faster it will sell.  You want to price your home low enough to entice buyers but not so low that you leave money on the table.  While it takes a lot of discipline, you must be realistic in distinguishing between cost and value.  

Real Estate trainer and speaker, Don Knox gives insight on three strategies that sellers will want to try during listing negotiations: 
  1. “Couldn’t we try listing it at the higher price for a couple of weeks?” Knox says,”  Almost all your showings occur within the first and second week, because most people want to see the new listing.  If you’re overpriced during the period when you have the most activity, that means you are lowering your price after all the people have gone.”
  2. “Well, we can always come down.” Knox says,”  When buyers look at houses, the first thing they ask is, ‘How long has this home been on the market?’  You’ll sell it for less the longer it remains on the market because the buyer will think there’s something wrong with it, or that they don’t have any competition to buy it.  Either way, they’ll make lower offers.”
  3. “People can always make an offer.”  Knox says,”  They’ll make an offer only if they see your house.  If your home is worth $400,000 and you price it at $450,000, the right buyer won’t see it and the higher priced buyers don’t want it.  The people looking at $450,000 homes will see that your home doesn’t compare.”  
The bottom line?  Even the best agent in the world can’t sell your home for more than it’s worth, although your agent might try.  

The National Association of REALTORS and Blanche Evans.  Guide To Home Selling.   Hoboken, New Jersey.  2007.  61-95.

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